Tuesday, 4 October 2011

400, 169, 2 ,2 1.

Hey im back, its been a while but it has been rather busy in my world.

I bet you can not guess what these numbers have in common or what they relate to? If you decipher the code many congratulations.

After 3 long, hard and somewhat painful years I finally graduated from University, the first in my family to do so and therefore this achievement came with much praise and adulation. After finally completing the 3 years of BA(Hons) Architecture it was time to finally apply for a job, I knew it was going to be hard but I never realised just how emotionally draining, time consuming and difficult applying for jobs would be. The one phrase that can be conclusively drawn from my application process has got to be "Its not what you know, Its who you know" and this could not be more true. I don't resent my fellow colleagues who managed to walk straight into jobs, no not at all, but I do have to admit that I looked upon them at one point through a green tinted lens wishing it was a simple for me. So congratulations and well done to all my fellow students.

So, to the numbers. What do they mean? No its not the new sequence to the Lost series but rather the numbers involved in my application process. 400 sent applications, 169 replies, 2 interviews, 2 job offers, 1 job. The most important of which being the final one which I start in 2 weeks at a small office in Manchester which I am rather nervous about so which me luck and I look forward to you returning for more instalments now I have finally posted again

Take Care.

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