Friday, 21 October 2011

The Real World

Well this week has been interesting to say the least, where do I start? Well as you know, after hard work and lots of effort I finally managed to secure my part 1 placement which started this week and what a week it has been.

I woke to the crackling radio alarm at the ungodly hour of 630am. After blurting out a few obscenities at this new and unknown time, I finally surfaced and drew back the curtains To be greeted by the morning darkness which is only usually reserved for the start of the family vacation.

Arriving at the platform and boarding the train at 0717 it finally dawned on me that I was now entering the professional world and I began to become increasingly more and more nervous as I approached Manchester Picadilly. The first day started by making a small model and it was here when I had my first major deadline. It had to be finished by the end of the day.

As the week progressed I became more confident and comfortable in the office. The organized mess became incReasingly homely. After working on proposed plans and models all week I was met with the pleasant surprise of being able to finish early today 2 hours early at 4 which has made my week.

As I now sit on the train on the way home for a well deserved rest this weekend I am slightly looking forward to the week ahead. Surely this is a good thing? I actually can say I enjoy work.

See you soon guys


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