Monday, 13 June 2011

Architecture IS entertaining!

Hey guys its been such a long time but im back now. Ive been away due to the insane work loads of being and architecture student but the degree is finished, the portfolio is done and the applying for jobs has begun which now leaves me time to get back blogging for you guys! Architecture is probably going to tbe at the forefront of my coming blogs as there is so much I want to talk about. Anyway something to make you smile.

During the final days of Uni I took my camera to document the works on display and in the midst of all the seriousness we can still find the time for a little play time. My good friend David McGowan, check his portfolio, managed to turn his 3rd year project into a battle scene from WWII, which I found amusing in the serious frantic environment during the final few days. It put it all into perspective how were are aiming to be serious professions, yet still at 21 can find entertainment in plastic figures.

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