Sunday, 17 April 2011

Akapello House Party

So as you may remember by good friend asked me to Dj his brand house party which I couldn't refuse. I was, to tell you the truth, a little nervous as the day approached because I wasn't sure of the crowd that would be coming so I had to prepare a full range of genres. The day got off to a bad start though when my CD drive on my Mac I was using to burn CDs got jammed! No music = No party, boy did I start to panic, not to worry my good friend Mr Danny Harris sorted me out and I just about managed to get the CD's burnt just as the guests started to arrive.

After the usual early party shyness and with more people starting to arrive the mood livened and it really began to kick off! The night was a huge success with the Brand and Music going down a treat, respect to Mr Michael Kennedy for the support on the decks, Mr Frappe for hosting a sick party and finally Mr P.Pello on a successful night.

A few images of what turned out to be the start of big things!

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