Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Beginning of Big Things

Two Studios represents the great passions I hold close, Architecture and Music. Architecture for me began back when I was in my teens in New York, seeing these mighty works of art something clicked! I wanted to be an architect! There is something about the adrenaline that runs when I see a truly magnificent building  that is just indescribable and music is the same.

It all began in may 2009 with the purchase of my very own cdjs. From this point I was hooked! Every chance I had to see Djs perform I was there, next to the booth, behind the booth, infront of the booth, just any position to see the masters in action. This addiction soon spread to my best friend and DJ colleague and we knew it would be the start of big things, even if those dreams havn't been realised yet. 

What can you expect from this blog? Well, music and Djing is going to take the major role in this blog from bedrooms Djs to Event headliners to buskers to venues to fields and parks we shall cover it all but occasionally, if your lucky, we may be kind enough to throw in some architectural treats for you guys. 

Thanks for popping by and I look forward to bringing you an insight my crazy world. ;) 

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archtist said...

look forward to more matt!